Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Avon: Ultra Luxury Lip Liner (baby pink)

Baby Pink (rose bebe)
with flash
without flash

Another amazing product from Avon!
Matte, light, easily glides on lips, long lasting and affordable!
If this is what you're looking for then here's a product that you must have in your bag.
I bought it with no intentions to use it. Just for the sake of having one in case I need it. This is one product that I never really bothered about. But this one is easy to fall in love with.

Originally this is a lip liner. Supposedly, it is used to line your lips to avoid the lipstick from bleeding. (means it keeps the edges of your lipstick in place) But the color is so pretty I decided to color the whole lips with it. The result, a pinkish, sun kissed color that looks very natural!

Try it!

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