Wednesday, January 9, 2013

elf: shimmering facial whip

Highlights. Dewy but NOT oily. Natural shine.

How do you achieve this? Highlights had been an essential part of make up evolution. Before there was only matte, frosted and shimmery make ups. Now there are concealers, highlighters, glosses, stardusts and all that you can imagine!

I was getting this "i have to get one of those!" kind of feeling when I bought this. I had this for a month, tried it as a cheek highlighter and it works! Listening to how it is applied might be a bit way over the top. But this actually ads vibrance and a natural touch to your make up.

Be very careful though, if you have oily skin what you might need is powder to matte down the oily areas and doesn't need a highlighter at all! This is best done on during winter, or cold seasons. If you'll be staying in a fully air conditioned room this also works best.

Remember to keep your make up matte, oil plus shimmering facial whip is a crime. Best not to put on a moisturizing primer because it already adds a glow. Highlighters should be kept in the minimal side.

Lastly, if you think you're going to do a lot of photoshoot, don't leave the house without a sample shot on all angles! Flash and extra lighting affects the intensity of highlighters.

I only used this one on the blog because it is newbie friendly and affordable. :) ***

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